Saturday, March 29, 2008

Stomach minded

Its On My Mind.

I was thinking about whats actually on my mind... so thinking about what is on my mind.. is on my mind. Actually now thinking about thinking about whats on my mind is on my mind because I just had to think about that to type this.... doh, now I'm thinking about typing about thinking about thinking about whats on my mind in the "Its On My Mind" part of this blog... cupcakes. those are good.
So anyways,... I WAS thinking about what was on my mind.. but I didn't really know exactly how to define "my mind". Is it my brain? Is it my stomach? So I had to look that one up. Come to find out... It actually is possible that my mind is my stomach. Thats where I do most of my "decision making" from and such. I also think better on a full stomach.. coincidence? I think not! Now, I have a feeling I have more than one mind (which has to be the reason for this extreme brilliants) Oh my word... I suddenly have the intense urge to look up "stomach" in the dictionary!!! ..
I wonder if you can yodel while whistling? Whodeling... Lets all try it and see if it works.. ready? 1.. 2... 3 GO. ...........HA, got ya! you all tried it and people walking past thought you were strange! NOT ME! I didn't try it... hahahah. Cheese cake! I actually didn't get any satisfaction out of that having not seen you do it...

In Response

What do you think of when you think of a Stomach? A cow? A diet? Food? Cake? Sandwich? Ice Cream? Eggs? Bacon? Cheese? Lemons? Photoshop? A giant Liger? Throwing mashed potatoes at people knee caps? Painting "Pizza is azziP spelled backwards" on peoples car windshields? Stocking telamarketers? Oh and CHECK THIS OUT. I told you mac was good.

Left Overs

Have you ever noticed how impossible it would be for the owners of Clifford the Big Red Dog to raise him under normal sercomstanses©? (Now that was a good one.. the spell checker didn't even have any suggestions for it) Well they cant pull the wool over my eyes! I see whats going on! Emily Elizabeths dad is the head of the Mafia and he uses stolen money to pay for food and cement truck loads of itch ointment and dog hair removal experts and waist disposal units and pet insurance and those sardines he gets secretly to munch on while the rest of his family is sleeping.. and hotels and privet yachts ... AND did you know that Emily Elizabeth had to have surgery so that she wouldn't faint every time Clifford burped in her face or licked her!?
The next door neighbors actually live there because they were in trouble with the law and living next to Clifford is punishment. The reason everyone is so nice to the big red dog is because.. well.. isn't that funny how blood IS THE EXACT SAME COLOR!?!?! you get the point.

Back Feed

Last blog post was sorta lame... hows that for Back Feed©®? Oh, MAN! Now I'm hungry!!!

Wisdom of Words

It is an ancient proverb... wise men don't feed BlueRay® players to their pet ostrich.


Curtis said...

Roflol! Loved the bit about Clifford! Except I never could finish a Clifford book. I would always turn the first page and start thinking about how the real Clifford actually survives, being as big as he is. I mean, he must have some kind of canine disabilities sticker because of his obesity. And that's not to mention health insurance, diabetes or heart disease. I wonder if his mother used to kick him as a pup, so he got insecure and low self-esteem and binged out on food...

DVD e CD said...

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Jessica said...

LOL I have to say don't you just love this little ad at the end that ends with the words "A hug" whats with that lol?
But seriously live Clifford alone, he has enough problems of his own! I mean think about it his huge and Red and you propably can see him from space, meaning... actually I am not sure where I was going with this.
Great blog, you always make me laugh, although I didn't try that whodeling thing, maybe I will try it out on my siblings, one of them is bound to do it!