Friday, October 26, 2007

On My Mind

The other day our family was invited to go pick some apples with some friends of ours that go to our church. I had my heart set on picking macs... even though I never did like macs until I got my mac laptop... and now they are like my favorite kind of apple... don't judge me... but anyway, come to find out, all the macs had been picked. Apparently allot of people share my way of thinking.. Couldn't be just because they liked the flavor.
Out of the list of like 4 different kinds off apples we had planned on picking.. all of them had been picked out. (I guess thats how you say that). Thats like a plan A,B,C,D,E,F, and G.. all used up! (I had a few of the apples listed twice on the backup plan... because I didn't think I really needed a backup plan because duh, there would still be plenty of macs left.... Turns out, there were only like two kinds of apples left... Empire being one of them. Since they were cheaper... we decided to go for Empire... but I was pretty pleased about that. Walking down the Empire rows... I couldn't have felt more at home in our house. It was like.. I was destined to walk down the Empire rows... and eat Empires.... Empire is such a cool word... and, 5-13-16-9-18-5 is even cooler. (thats "Empire" spelled using numbers). So you know how some people are on death row? well I was in "Empire Row"...
Oh and I'm pretty sure plastic spoons were never designed to scoop out Icecream..

In Response
There is no In Response today.. unless you want to check THIS SWANK SITE OUT. Just make sure you have the latest version of Quick Time.

Back Feed

In last time's "Its on my mind"˙©® I was going to post a picture of the fly's that got stuck... but never did. I was also going to call them "Flies with no brains" but then I got to thinking... do flies even have brains? So I looked it up... and yes.. they do have brains surprisingly... but here's the picture.


Oh and.. whats up with all these people now days.. smoking and drinking.. and lighting cats on fire... and voting for democrats?!

Wisdom Words

He who eats tofu, has no taste buds... and vise versa.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Its on my mind

I was looking out the window of our house... and I saw this abandoned spider web in the corner completely full of little tinny flies. It was as if the flies were like.. "hey Bob man.. you gotta see this dude... call all the guys over here... there's an abandoned spider web.. lets all get stuck Woooooo!" and then after they all got stuck.. they were like "Oh snap... we're stuck... " and they just all died. Can you imagine if a spider still lived there? Woohoo, that would be like.. a thousand egg rolls sitting on your table.. ya know?

In Response

Mega dittos on "a whiter shade of pale".
Don't you hate it when you have to ask all the questions in order to keep a conversation going.. if you can call that a conversation... and the hopes you have of a chain reaction from one event to another with enthusiasm and interest is blown to pieces? For instance:

Y = You T = Them
Y: Hey, hows it going?
T: Good
Y: Nice weather today isn't it?
T: Sure, I guess...
Y: So what have you been up to?
T: Oh, nuthin much....
Y: Thats a nice shirt... where did you get it?
T: The store....
Y: .... sooo... how long are you staying here again?
H: Don't know....
Y: Wanna go do something? Play ball or frisbee?
T: uhhhh... no thanks...
Y: Want something to eat?
T: if you got food...
Y:... yeah...
H: *yawn*
Y:Aren't these peaches great!? I got them on sale down at price chopper
T: hmm... Peaches aren't my favorite...

Y: have you ever used photoshop?
T: no....
Y: What kinda stuff are you interested in?
T: All kinds of stuff...

Y:............... are you going to eat that?

see, Its always good to have equal verbal time.

Back Feed

I have solved the Honey problem I mentioned yesterday... I put peanut butter on another piece of toast, and then smushed them together.. no more problem.
Unless of course I eat it while I'm text messaging someone and photoshopping... I have to figure that one out still.

Paved Bunny Trail
[disclaimer] Some times I like to go on bunny trails... and I know thats not good.. so.. instead of ruining a topic, I'll just kinda break off it with this. I know I know.. you don't have to thank me....

Speaking of honey getting on your phone when your text messaging... I just heard on the Paul Harvey Show today that someone got a picture of someone cursing down the road .. While text messaging and tanning their left foot (it was hanging out the window).. I want to see that picture... quick, someone show it to me.


I've been messing around with words that rhyme... fun stuff... and out of the trillions of works of uniquetisity © I have done.. most of them don't make it to the publics eyes.... mostly because they aren't worth it. Take for instance this poem.

Dearest Mother Martha, Sister Mary's lovely mother.
Tis sure you know me well by now, for I could be no other.
How's life there in the Abby? Wow, I hope its going grand,
My monks life is hard, and the food here tastes like sand.
From dawn till dusk I hear confessions, same ones every day,
But yours by far, have got them beat, I really have to say.
Your penitence amuses me, your sincerity is sincere
But its just so unbelievable; or so says the fictioneer.
Take heart and know you aren't the worst, I'll give you an example
Like IDK LOL, my BFF Larry likes BBQ on fridays dude.
I told him "eat tofu or fish", but he just would not comply,
He said "meat is a necessity, and the friday thing my eye".
Enough with you lets move right on, I wrote you for a reason,
Your daughter to my eyes you see, is really very pleasin'.
Her cooking is sensational, and she's really good at math,
She even washed my toad for me, in'a giant bubble bath.
Flowers I did pick for her, the kind they call rag weed,
Told her that I love her, with that flowery good deed.
I know you don't find favor with the two of us together,
But if you do not let us wed, you'll hear of it forever.
If your daughter was a food you see, I think she'd be an anjou
she's got high speed internet, AND she's into football! woohoo!
In other words, I find her very attractive and she's a very nice person...
she's very sensitive and polite and to top that all off she's a jesuit...
Oh and I like her cooking...
But enough about her, back to you.
Working the confessions booth really has its pluses, see,
The things you tell me are quite juicy.. wouldn't you agree?
I'm sure you'll find it in your heart to let her be my bride,
I swore your secretes would be safe... Sorry but I lied.
Say hi to paul and Joanna, Marcus, bob and ben,
have a good day and by the way, don't get stuck in the dishwasher again.

.... now you know why I call this.. "leftovers" ©® ......

Wisdom of Words

It is a foolish man who tries to jump over a sky scraper.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pretty cool title eh?

Its On My Mind.

So right now, I'm just kinda chillen outside with my laptop which is very cool... its like really windy and... chilly out here.. and leaves are falling and blowing in my face... but I TOTALLY LOVE it. Probly all my best best best memories are in the fall... maybe not ALL of them.. but a good share of them. So thats pretty much the big thing thats on my mind... Oh, and why is it... that when ever I eat a piece of toast with honey on it... all I worry about is eating it fast so that the honey doesn't drip every where.. and when I eat Icecream, I'm only worried about the amount I have left.. like.. "oh snap, I only have give or take 5 more bites left.. at 7 seconds a bite, thats approximately 35 seconds of icecream left which is about 105.0778 seconds less than I had to start out with... maybe I should keep it in my mouth for 10 seconds so I can up it to 50 seconds.. or say 12 seconds.. thats an even minuet.. or I could just take half sized bites and keep the 7 second mouth time.. that would give me 70 seconds of icecream time... but then again, with that much less.. I had better compromise and hold it in for only 6 seconds a bite giving me 60 more seconds to worry about how much time I have left before I run out of icecream...." Is this problem unique to me, or does anyone else find themselves sacrificing enjoyment for unemployment...I mean worry?

oh and about my web address....
As I'm sure you've seen, the Uniform Resource Locator [pretty cool eh?] of my blog is "" AKA "This one is taken man". The reason for this is because I spent like.. allot of time trying to get a URL that no one had taken... and finally I tried this one, and it worked... which is good. *Paul Harvey voice* And now you know... the first part of the story.

In Response.
[Disclaimer] I decided to incorporate other peoples blogs into mine.. so if your post is chosen to be responded to.. feel honored. (actually.. I just think you have an original idea or I like what your talking about..)
The Day I Met Santa (from "So There I Was...")

I too have seen Santa... He came into Ace one day and gave all the paint guys candy.. what a kind jolly man he is.. but don't let his generosity fool you. All of the toys that are brought to millions of kids every year... are pirated! Thats right, someone wants a playstation 3... Santa and his gang put together a pirated playstations... and plop them in front of your tree. And where do they get the parts and materials for all this? Easy... Its the Mexicans and French in a combined effort. The Mexicans sneak across the border, and steal raw materials! No one knows what the French do... but they're in on it. This means, that the thousands of "playstations" that are pirated every year by Mr. Kringle are taking away money from Sony! Millions of dollars a year... thats just wrong folks. Think about that next time you put your cookies out... maybe put some x-lax in there to kinda send Good old Poppa Nicholas a message.

Back Feed
[Disclaimer] You know how magazines sometimes have a section in the front where you can give feedback and stuff to previous articles from like last months magazine... and you don't have last months magazine.. and you wish you did so you could see what in the world the feedback is talking about? Well I was kinda thinking as I do sometimes... maybe I should make my blog like that... ya know, so if people didn't read the post from yesterday or last week or something.. they will be missing out and they will have to go back and read what they missed... Its kinda brilliant if you ask me. I think I will.. only it won't necessarily be feedback.. I'll call it... "back feed"... It will be more like.. "remember back in such and such.. when I said such and such..." yeah, thats it.

OoooOOkkkey Got one! on my last blog post thing what ever you call it... I said "I'm just going to clear my own path here and see were it goes".... instead of "where it goes"... there was some other typos in there too... I wish I had an editor so I could blame it on him....

I know that wasn't a very good "Back Feed" ©® but it was a starter ok!?!

[Disclaimer] "Leftovers" ©® is just what it says... leftover umph from my brilliance that I need to get rid of before I become to powerful and blow up the world....

ok soo....
I don't know if its like a big deal or anything.. but at the bottom of each post it tells the time it was posted, and its like three hours off. I didn't post my last post at 5:09am.... it was 8:09am New York time.

Wisdom of Words. (saying)
[Disclaimer] I just figured since I have a disclaimer on most everything else.. I might as well have one on "Wisdom of Words"©® By the way, all Wisdom of Words are from yours truly.. I don't know weather to be proud of that, or if I need a snickers or an airline ticket or something.

Don't turn the other cheek if your "friend" squashes your photoshop disk...
Out of the many blogs I have read, not one is alike... which doesn't help me out when I try to figure out what a blog should be. So, I'm just going to clear my own path here and see were it goes. I'll probly start out with "whats on my mind" and see how I'm feeling after that.
So, My bro and I are supposed to come up with some games for a fall festival that our church is having. I'm really excited about this, but I had planned on picking the games last week... and I didn't... and I need to get them like before this next week... So all these Ideas are flashing through my head.. but I don't think allot of them will work.. for instance, I don't think the more mature crowd would appreciate the burping contests... and as sad as it may be, 2nd graders aren't entertained by photoshop skills wars.... I thought about switching the apples to frogs in the apple dipping contest to kinda shake things up a bit... and the donut on a rope game to onion rings, but less imaginative people just give me the cold shoulder.. I'm afraid I'm gonna get fired.
That isn't all thats on my mind though... I'm kinda hungry. I threatened to live with my mommy until I turn 63 if she didn't give me that last bit of ice cream the other night... and I'm still bothered that she didn't let me have it. I don't want to be known as "the guy that backed down"... so I'm kinda thinking I'm going to have to stand firm and live here till I'm 63. And another thing that struck me as odd... when I told that to mom... she sorta was like.. "um noooaaa... HIT THE ROAD JACK!!! I DON'T EVER WANT TO SEE YOUR PITIFUL FACE AGAIN! AND DON'T BOTHER SENDING ME PICTURES OF YOU KIDS.. IF YOU CAN FIND SOMEONE STUPID ENOUGH TO MARRIED YOU... BECAUSE IF THEY ARE AS UGLY AS YOU, I'LL GET THOSE BAD HEADACHES AGAIN!!!" ... thats actually not exactly what she said.. I just wanted to make it more interesting... But the whole idea of her wanting me to eventually leave the house was haunting! I mean think about it... she doesn't want to be with me ALL the time!!! What kind of mother is that!?!?!? Ah, and before I go on.. my brother is handing me a Motorcycle Manual for a road test... [good work Jim... now I want the Stubibrain file on my desk by tomorrow and I want to know every where Bill Clinton has eaten for the last 80 years...]
So like, I call my little sister doll face some times... and now she calls me baby face... what goes on in the mind of a 2 year old... I need to figure that out.. maybe I need to like... become obsessed with it... I need to be obsessed with something other than photoshop.... And another thing that is on my mind... why do I use dots and run-on sentences instead of periods and exclamation points like normal civilized people....
Thats pretty much whats on my mind... now I think I should have like a saying or something... something that will benefit man kind... hmmm... ok, got one.
"if someone offers you a wooden nickel, sue them"