Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Why frogs are really green

Its On My Mind

I have been thinking of odd things today... like naming random things.
Ok, so your out one night looking through your telescope... and you discover a giant astroid headed for earth. Scientists predict that it will completely destroy mankind... what would you name it? I'm thinking I would name mine "Cuddles" or "firry friend" or something..... NO NO, better yet... "The Liberal"

In Response

I bet THESE GUYS favorite color is red....

Left Overs

I don't have any left overs today.. bummer. I don't have much of anything really.. I just don't want to get out of the groove of posting...

Back Feed

Ok so yesterday I said "Enchanted" only gets 4 out of 10 stars... I'm going to make that 6 out of 10! It was good until the lady started acting "more human" close to the end... then it went downhill. Just wanted to get that off my chest... Another thing I want to get off my chest while I'm at it... When I was little I told a lady I didn't like her casserole... I... I... I lied. It was amazing!

Wisdom of Words

it is a fool who admites to himself that food is over rated.

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Curtis said...

Good touch on the photos! I'm envious. When my op. system had to be reinstalled, I lost my photoshop because I got it with the lappy and without a disk. *sad face* So I'm back to Gimp. *sighs* It was all so much fun while it lasted...