Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Its On My Mind

So I'm attempting to revive the brilliant manuscripts which have for some time now been forgotten about by yours truly. (me). Some would venture to call these wondrous pages of literature "art". Others would go on to call them "Grand masterpieces in which immense brilliance took place on the writers part."So much so, have these great mind musing works of astounding thought compilations been forsaken, that at this very moment I am only endeavoring to revisit the bowels of these magnum-opus's because of shear lack of a present activity. My work is done elsewhere and I only wait... wait till the time when the phone line is free so I can check my email.. dude.
Because of my present circumstances, my mind borders on emptiness... therefor... this might be interesting. OK, I think I'm just going to pretty much jot down what pops in my head for all of our sakes. Wait... I was already doing that...
..... Yes, I think people look absolutely ridiculous when they take off their sox and yell "SAY HI TO MY FRIEND TOMMY THE PUPPET" and no I never have liked squash with maple syrup. Sure Johnny Depp is cool.... like a dead frozen fish... Yes I like egg-rolls.. its food isn't it!?!? Swallowing Gold fish before taking your pills is cheating... besides dork.. what does that have to do with anything? Some times when I cough, I cover my mouth with my feet... actually... not. Yes Soap is edible... if your some kind of freak... and who cares about that one thing!? did that ever stop John Wane?!? I wonder what that thing is behind you... I used to think the kind of toothpaste I used was directly related to the smell of my breath... dumb. Why don't people call wallets "money holder folder pocket things" "Let me grab my MHFPT before we go". If you don't like getting your picture taken, why even show your face in public? "I sat on a spring by a spring in the Spring"... hey cool, looky looky what I made up. Chicken tastes like frog legs.

In Response

I was reading this article.. thinking.. man, thats one brilliant guy.. finally a good use for dead cats. What a perspiration... I mean inspiration... I think I'm going to find out how to use cats as a substitute for baking soda! I would encourage everyone reading this to find your very own use for dead cats.
(By the way, I believe a Pence is about 1.33 cents. If its not... It should be! Therefor 15 Pence would be somewhere around $0.1995)

Left Overs.

So I was going to see "I am Legend" finally... which I was sorta looking forward to because of all these people telling me it was.. interesting.. SO, I went to the rental place.. and looked and looked for it... and then I remembered mom wanted to see "Enchanted" so I picked that up.. and kept looking for "I am Legend" but it was rented out! So.. I show up to the register with this chick-flick.. and nothing else... it was awkward. So heres the thing... I ended up watching the movie with the rest of the fam at dinner time. The first part was cheesy.. the middle was fine.. then it all went wacked near the end part of the movie. I would rate it 4 out of 10. OH, but my favorite character was Edward of course.. bet you don't know why :P But get this. The guy that acted the part is the son of one of my dads bizz partner dudes. So I'm practically one of his friends... you know.. even though I have never met him or his dad... all I would have to say is "Hey whats up dude? My dad works with your dad! Wanna give me some of your money since your probly filthy rich and I'm practically family?" I have it all planned out. But I think the movie over all was stupid. I don't like chick flicks...
Dude, I said "so" allot just now didn't I.

Back Feed

Merry Christmas!!! HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! Happy Valentines day!!! Happy Easter/Reserection Sunday!!! Happy Birthday!!! Happy what ever i missed!!!
Ok, so last time I did anything in this it was December 1st. I decided to make like a hotdog and CATCHUP on my posts... hahahaha oh oh oh pffff guhuguguhahaah. *sigh*

Wisdom of Words

If a kid kicks you in the shin, don't cry in front of him.


Curtis said...

Hah! I love it. Long time, no post, dude! Your random-ocity continues to amaze and astound.

Johanna said...

You. Make. Me. LAUGH!!! laugh and laugh and laugh. which is weird for the rest of my family cause they don't know what's so funny and it's like, 2 in the morning. it was so fabulous, I read (and laughed) until I got to the frog legs part, and then I thought it was over, but lo and behold...MORE!

Oh, and I can't believe you didn't like Enchanted. I thought it was hilairous(C). well, actually yeah, I can believe it, cause you're a guy. still...you can't hide behind that excuse forever!!! :)