Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Time is no object

Its On My Mind

So I was thinking allot about the spelling of lasagna ... and how it should be spelled "lazonya" That would be so much easier.. because honestly, when someone tells me to write down what I think I want to eat.... how am I supposed to know how to spell lazonya!?!? I don't!!! But.. I do know how to spell...... "tofu".... and... "ghastly"... hmm.. thats odd...
ya know how sometimes kids think its funny to steal all your snacks when your passing them out? and then there is the teeny bopper girl or boy who is like "oh hahah, aren't they so cute?" I DON'T THINK SO! I JUST WANNA SMACK THE LITTLE ZITS!!! ..... I like kids...
Ever wonder why a story can be so moody when you have your MP3 player set on "shuffle"?
And by Joe, before I die I HAVE to try lion milk! er... I don't know who I would get to milk the thing.. so maybe I'll just stick to horse....

In Response

Yeah, or there's the tango piano teacher chick after drinking V8 Juice and squid oil from concentrate typing a reply on her cats myspace "Love the way you meow.. your so beautiful Blast you have a gorgeous face... cant wait to be with you again.. <3 <3 <3 ~~ +e@rs 0F R@1N<3<3<3
Or the obsessive cool type (like yours truly) who LIKES dots... and they don't like them because they are newbbies either......... but just because...... thats just how cool.........they really are................................yeah..................................!!!!!!!

Paved Bunny Trails

Do you get the idea that I'm just trying to fill up time with this blog in particular? well.. I am. sorry. Guilty.

Left Overs

What does "ragtime" have to do with awesomely swank bouncy music? why couldn't they call it.. "happyTime"? Or "cheeseTime"? or for crying out loud "spongeTime"!?!?

Back Feed

Remember last time when I said I was going to try to say "food" 50 times? Well if you were to lazy to count "not pointing any fingers here :P " YES! I did say food over 50 times. Thats yet another set on notches under my belt. I'm pretty proud of myself.

Wisdom Of Words

Never ride a drunk bull backwards while tattooing "Empty" with red ink on his head.


Michael said...


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Johanna said...

Haha...Ed got spammed. haha.

And yes, I AM too lazy to count 50 mentions of the word food. I'm not embarrassed of it. and I so totally saw you pointing your finger at me, you finger-pointing scuzbag.

Jessica said...

I didn't count either Jo!! I just took his word for it lol.
Spamming is highly over rated right Curtis?
Great and funny Blog ED!! Thanks for making me laugh again!